Time Is Money: Streamline Your Workload And Save

by Richard Jaffarian, President Electrical Resources

You’re an electrical contractor trying to Prepare an estimate for a job you want. You’re calling your suppliers all day chasing down prices and accessing sources for labor units just to sit down at the end of the day to add it all up by hand. It takes you days to get the accurate result you want, only to lose out on a job bid because it took too long.

Why call your suppliers for prices or scour sources for labor units when you could have access to 60,000+ individually priced and labored items and 9,000+ assemblies in seconds? ERI continually updates prices in our EPS+ and Electrical Price and Labor Units Guide as they change, meaning you are getting the most accurate and efficient database of all the things you need in one spot. We also pick up where other services leave off in areas like site work, demolition, high voltage cable, bis duct, fire alarms, generators, and more in the jobs you’re bidding for.

Access The Data You Need When You Need It

With our EPS+ and Electrical Price and Labor Units Guide, we can provide you with all the information you need for current pricing and proven labor units. By accessing these databases, you get:

  • The most comprehensive material listing in the industry
  • Over 1,400 illustrated pages tabbed and hyperlinked
  • 60,000 Individual items with materials and systems that other services don’t carry
  • 9,000 assemblies
  • Contractor-level pricing kept up-to-date as prices changes
  • Flexible subscription options

Our EPS+ links to most major estimating software. The Electrical Price and Labor Units Guide is available on laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones, providing you access to current material pricing and proven labor units from anywhere at any time.

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