Outlet Boxes

• Use a separate pricing sheet. Head the sheet Boxes.

• On the pricing sheet in the following order, write:

4” sq boxes

4” blank covers

1G rings

2G rings

• To obtain 4” blank covers, allow one 4” blank cover for every two recessed fluorescent light fixtures. Check the Miscellaneous Worksheet for 4” square boxes that require blank covers. Enter the total of blank covers next to 4” sq boxes on the pricing sheet.

• To obtain 1G rings, add up all the wiring devices and special systems equipment that require 1G rings, such as switches, receptacles, phone outlets, fire alarms, etc.

• From the total quantity of 1G rings, subtract the number of devices installed under multi-gang rings. For example, a 2G ring will hold two devices, therefore, two 1G rings will not be required.

Total 1G rings 238

Total 2G rings 24

Total 3G rings 6

Total 4G rings 2

24 2G rings will hold 48 devices

6 3G rings will hold 18 devices

2 4G rings will hold 8 devices

Total number of devices installed in multi-gang rings is 74

238 1G rings

-74 devices

164 total number of 1G rings required

• Each 4” square blank cover, 1G ring and 2G ring willhave to be mounted onto a 4” square box. Add the total number of 4” blank covers, 1G rings and 2G rings to find the total of 4” square boxes required.

4” blank covers 67

1G rings 164

2G rings 24

255 4” square boxes

• Follow steps 1-7 for 4-11/16” square boxes.

• Allow either 4” octagon boxes or 4” round rings for surface or wall mounted fixtures.