The purpose of this manual is to introduce an organized method of electrical estimating that will enable the estimator to obtain a complete bill of materials both accurately and quickly.

The methods set forth are not difficult, nor are they technical. They are logical ideas that have been arranged and put into a simple system.

By following this system, the estimator will automatically find any items that may have been missed during the initial take-off. Once found, they can be easily added to the work sheets.

The advantage of this system is that anyone with a basic knowledge of estimating can learn it. Should an estimator using this system begin a take-off and be unable to finish it, another estimator familiar with the system can complete the estimate without having to ask questions. Those who have been estimating for some time will undoubtedly learn new techniques, along with faster and more accurate ways of obtaining materials.

The final result will be an electrical estimate containing a complete bill of materials with extremely accurate quantities for that bill of material. The estimate will be arranged in the same sequence that the job is to be built. This will allow the estimate to serve as a material release schedule, and for the recap sheet of the estimate to check and monitor invoices and labor. All this can be accomplished in less time that it would normally take using present forms of detailed estimating.