Wiring Devices and Plates

• Use a separate pricing sheet. Head the sheet Wiring De­vices.

• Obtain types and quantities of wiring devices from the symbol count on the drawings.

• Provide plates for receptacles, special outlets and tele­phone outlets.

• To obtain the correct gang arrangement of switch plates, begin by listing on the price sheet the types of multi-gang switch plates that will be used:

S (plates)

SS (plates)

SSS (plates)

SSSS (plates)

• Enter the quantities of multi-gang plates from the symbol count on the drawings:


SS 24



• Add up all switches that are shown from the symbol count on the drawings.

• Subtract the number of switches that will be used in multi-gang arrangements. For example, two switches will be used for a two gang plate, three switches for a three gang plate, etc. The end result will be the total number of one gang switch plates required:

Total switches 98

SS 24 -48 switches

SSS 6 -18 switches

SSSS 2 -8 switches

Total 1G plates 24