Writing Up the Estimate


The estimate will be written up in the order that materials will be purchased, released and installed. The purpose of preparing the estimate in this sequence provides the means to control and monitor the job from start to finish.

It is during the write-up that other materials will be derived from materials that have been counted. This method of obtaining quantities from quantities adds the necessary materials for a detailed and accurate estimate.

As each item is written-up, place a check mark by the item on the worksheet or under the item on the drawing to show that it has been transferred to a pricing sheet. When listing materials such as pipe, fittings and wire, always start with the smallest size.


Rigid Metal Conduit

Rigid Conduit Fittings

Condulets and Covers

PVC Conduit and Fittings

Site Work

Underfloor Duct and Fittings

Floor Boxes

EMT and Fittings

Flexible Metal Conduit and Fittings


Cable Trays

Surface Raceway

Outlet Boxes

Multi-Gang Outlet Boxes

Pull Boxes and Equipment


Miscellaneous Items

Panels, Switchboards and Motor Control Centers

Transformers and Capacitors

Enclosed Circuit Breakers and Disconnects

Controlling Devices

Bus Duct



Special Cables

Equipment Connections

Light Fixtures and Lamps

Wiring Devices and Plates

Fire Alarm Systems

Sound Systems

Clock Systems


Security Systems

Nurse Call and Code Blue

Emergency Generators and Transfer Switches

UPS Systems

Signaling Systems

Electric Heat

Central Inverter Systems

Additional Special Systems