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Established in 1975, Electrical Resources, Inc., a top electrical estimating company, continues to provide solutions for electrical contractors. In 1976, we developed estimating software to allow contractors to bid more work in less time. This also benefited the estimating division of Electrical Resources.

Since 1975, the estimating division of Electrical Resources has prepared over 32,000 estimates. The estimates ranged from residential to heavy industrial and one-of-a-kind projects never to be duplicated. The projects’ diversity led to Electrical Resources compiling the largest and most comprehensive estimating electrical industry database.

In 1998, after three years of research, development, and testing, Electrical Resources introduced AutoBranch. Whether it’s a $50,000 job or a $5,000,000 job, AutoBranch will calculate the branch circuit conduit, wire, fittings, and supports for light fixtures, switches, convenience receptacles, and occupancy sensors with one click of the mouse. Another click will convert the hard wiring to an MC cable.

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2625 Barna Ave. Suite K, Titusville FL 32780 United States of America
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Don’t have time to do an estimate yourself? Let the experienced estimators at Electrical Resources do the job for you. We’ve prepared more than 32,000 estimates since 1975. Get in touch today.

Our Management Team

Electrical Resources was founded with estimators and electrical contractors in mind. We pride ourselves on being the best in the business with our one of a kind software options that help make electrical estimators’ lives easier. We are a team of experienced and reliable professionals who know how to help you succeed with your electrical industry needs. Our team is made up of:

Richard Jaffarian, President

  • University of Southern Illinois, 1965-1966
  • University of Maryland, Europe Campus, 1966-1969
  • Virgil F. Fraser, Consulting Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 1968-1972
  • S&M Electric, Inc., 1972-1975
  • Electrical Resources, Inc., 1975-Present

Richard Jaffarian is qualified as an expert witness to testify regarding the validity of estimates and change orders with respect to material quantities, prices, and labor units.

Our Projects

Electrical Resources has been hard at work since 1975 as a premire electrical estimating company. Since then, we have helped many companies and individuals achieve their goals with our electrical services. Some of the projects we have worked on so far include:

  • Lake Placid Olympic Facilities, New York
  • University of Petroleum and minerals, Saudi Arabia
  • Royal Air Force Training Facility, Saudi Arabia
  • Vehicle Assembly Building, Florida
  • Abu Dhabi Intercontinental Hotel, Abu Dhabi
  • Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, TX
  • Orlando International Airport, Florida
  • Fort Benning Hospital, Georgia
  • Strategic Petroleum Reserves, Texas
  • Satellite Tracking Facility, Azores
  • CIA Listening Posts, (Classified)
  • Mobil Oil research Facilities, Texas
  • Naval Facilities, Cuba
  • Naval Ship Yards, Pennsylvania
  • Duke University Teaching Hospital, North Carolina
  • Tenneco Ship Yards, Virginia
  • Orange County Convention Center, Florida
  • Fresno/Clovis Water Reclamation, California
  • Hartsfield International Airport, Georgia
  • Seminole Indians Hard Rock Cafe and Casinos, Florida
  • Trident Submarine Facility, Georgia
  • 155MM Howitzer Plant, Mississippi
  • GM Stamping Plant, Illinois
  • Civic and Sports Arena, Illinois
  • Bomb Loading Plant, Oklahoma
  • Exxon Coal Mining, Montana
  • Disney World, Florida
  • EPCOT, Florida
  • Universal Studios, Florida
  • Islands of Adventure, Florida
  • Joe Robbie Stadium, Florida
  • Orlando Arena, Florida
  • Chicago Botanical Gardens, Illinois
  • Brooklyn Bridge Electrification, New York
  • Circus Circus, Bahamas

About Mike Holt’s NEC Internet Connection

Knowledge and the practical application of the National Electrical Code is an essential part of all electrical installations. If you need to understand the National Electrical Code, then look no further.

The many NEC resources available free on this site include a Code Forum where you can get your questions answered, an E-Newsletter that keeps you informed about important industry issues, lots of free stuff such as spreadsheets, as well as a great NEC Quiz. The site also contains lots of information about important technical subjects and free online testing for the 1999, 2002, 2005, and 2008 NEC. Instructors, find out how you can receive books, DVDs, videotapes, CD-ROMs, posters, Ohms Law stickers, as well as PowerPoint slides – all for free!

Our Software

Our software is designed to take your countless hours of preparing estimates and cut them down to seconds. We offer a range of products to help make your job easier, whether it’s estimating or comparing prices. Our product range includes:

  • AutoBranch: AutoBranch is an electric estimating software app that will instantly calculate the Branch Circuit bill of material in seconds after your counts have been entered.
  • Duct Bank: This software automatically calculates the total length of conduit, cubic yards of concrete, length of rebar, length of counterpoise, spacers, warning tape, concrete dye, and cubic yards of excavation.
  • National Electrical Price Guide & EPS+: Both EPS+ and the NEPG create price update files that can be read by most major electrical estimating programs.
  • Quantum Electrical: Quantum features powerful job management tools integrated with intuitive software that quickly and easily produces accurate estimates.
  • Precise Interactive Count System (PICS): Precise Interactive Count System (PICS) is an onscreen electronic Takeoff system. PICS can be integrated into Quantum or you can use it as a standalone Takeoff system.

Developed With You In Mind

Electrical Resources was founded to fill a hole in the world of electrical. Why should contractors have to spend countless hours preparing estimates when technology could be made to do it in seconds? We developed our software to help electrical professionals prepare estimates quickly and accurately, without wasting valuable time.

Contact us today for more information about our electric estimation services by calling (321) 385-3005 or visiting our website at http://electricalresources.com/index.html. Let us know how we can help.