AutoBranch is a branch circuit calculator that's designed to work with single and three phase systems; combined and individual neutrals; double duplex convenience receptacles; continuous rows of fixtures, track lighting, LED rope lighting and convenience receptacles roughed in slab.
Developed by professional estimators that have prepared over 32,000 estimates since 1975, AutoBranch eliminates hours, days and even weeks of estimating time.
Once counts have been entered, AutoBranch Automatically calculates all the conduit, wire, fittings, conduit supports, boxes, wirenuts, pigtails, fixture whips, tyraps, and low voltage control wire for those circuits. AutoBranch instantly changes the hard-wire bill of materials to MC cable. Results can be exported to Excel. Whether it's a $50,000 job or 5,000,000 job, AutoBranch calculates a complete priced and labored bill of material in seconds.
After switches, light fixtures, convenience receptacles and occupancy sensors have been counted, simply enter the totals into AutoBranch. If counts change, you can re-calculate as many times necessary.
Duct Bank Calculator is a stand-alone application than automatically calculates total length of conduit, cubic yards of concrete, length of re-bar, length of counterpoise, spacers, warning tape, concrete dye and cubic yards of excavation.

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