LinkPricer is a contractor-level electrical price updating service. LinkPricer creates price update files that can be read by Accubid, BHS, Cobra, Conest, Deneb, Viewpoint, Estmat 2000, Excel, Forefront, Jade, Jaffe, Mc2, McCormick, Sirius, Timberline/Masterbuilder and TRF Certin.

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Traditional electrical materials pricing services are fine for pricing time and material work because you want to establish a “selling” price for materials.  But traditional pricing services fall short as estimating tools because you need to the get the “buy” prices for material in your estimates to be competitive. And even the last column of any traditional pricing service is not your “buy” price.


Both LinkPricer and the Electrical Price and Labor Units Guide contain 60,000 individual items, 10,000 assemblies, current contractor level pricing, manufacturers latest suggested retail prices and four levels of field-proven labor units.


LinkPricer also creates bills of materials with extended and totaled prices and labor units, Request for Quotes and Purchase Orders.
The NEW ONLINE Electrical Price and Labor Units Guide (formaly National Electrical Price Guide) is available on desktops, tablets and smart phones*. With a hyperlinked index your searches appear instantly.
Now you can have instant access to current electrical materials pricing & proven labor units with our online Electrical Price & Labor Units Guide
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*Access the Guide requires internet connection & Web Browser.
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Over 60,000 individual items & 9,000 assemblies!


Just for taking time to visit us we would like to share our Estimating Tips & Techniques manual that shows you how to take-off and write-up an estimate from start to finish.

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“Finally…a service that updates my McCormick database with pricing at my level” 
Pete Mininni, Agulia Electric
“We tried other pricing services to update our Accubid and Conest systems. They weren’t even close. LinkPricer is right in line with our suppliers’ prices” 
Todd Wilkes, T&D Electrical Services
“LinkPricer gives me both cost and MSRP pricing along with labor units for every item. Makes putting change orders and service call quotes on site a breeze” 
Jim Graham, Graham Contracting
“My suppliers only give me pricing on what they carry in stock. LinkPricer picks up where they leave off” 
Bob Bramlett, Bramlett Electric.
“LinkPricer & The Electrical Price & Labor Units Guide provides the most complete listing of realistic material prices and labor units in the industry.” 
Brian House, Mike Holt Enterprises.
“I give LinkPricer & The Electrical Price & Labor Units Guide five stars” 
Warren Ostroff, Ostroff Electric
Time is money, so why waste it calling your suppliers for prices or searching multiple sources for labor units when you can have access to 65,000 priced and labored items and 10,000 assemblies in seconds? We continually update prices in our LinkPricer & The Electrical Price & Labor Units Guide” as they change. Included for your Windows 10 devices is our LinkPricer software that can link to your estimating software to update your material prices or use it as a stand-alone to instantly price and labor bills of material.
More contractors turn to us because other pricing services don’t come close to what you actually pay for materials. We have prepared over 32,000 electrical estimates since 1975 and know that to be competitive prices and labor units must be realistic. We pick up where other services leave off in areas such as Site Work, Demolition, High Voltage Cable, Bus Duct, Fire Alarm, Generators and many other special systems found in the jobs you’re bidding.

Are you using software to prepare your estimates?

Our LinkPricer program is compatible with Accubid, BHS, Cobra, Conest, Deneb, Viewpoint, Estmat 2000, Excel, Forefront, Jade, Jaffe, Mc2, McCormick, Sirius, Timberline/Masterbuilder and TRF Certin.

Contractor Level Pricing and Proven Labor Units

Approximately 65,000 Individual Items Updated as Prices Change

Raceway Systems

  • Rigid Conduit
  • Conduit Fittings
  • Conduit Bodies
  • Hazardous Fittings
  • PVC Coated Conduit & Fittings
  • PVC Conduit & Fittings   
  • EB & DB Duct & Fittings
  • Site Work  
  • Floor Duct
  • Floor Boxes
  • EMT & Fittings   
  • Flexible Conduit & Fittings
  • Wireways & Troughs
  • Cable Tray
  • Surface Raceway
  • Switch & Outlet Boxes   
  • Enclosures & Cabinets
  • U-Channel Strut
  • Suspension Hangers
  • Miscellaneous Job Items

Wire & Cable

  • Copper Wire  
  • MC Cable & Fittings
  • Aluminum Wire
  • MC Aluminum Feeder Cable
  • High Voltage Wire
  • Special Cable

Distribution Equipment

  • Load Centers & Panels
  • Switchboards
  • Motor Control Centers 
  • Transformers   
  • Meter Centers   
  • Enclosed Circuit Breakers
  • Safety Switches 
  • Motor & Light Control
  • Bus Duct
  • Fuses     

Fixtures, Lamps & Ballasts

  • Light Fixtures
  • Fixture Poles
  • Explosion Proof Fixtures
  • Lamps & Ballasts       

Wiring Devices

  • Devices & Plates    
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Locking Devices 
  • Low Voltage
  • Explosion Proof Devices 
  • Circuit Breaking Receptacles   

Special Systems

  • Fire Alarm 
  • Sound Systems
  • Clock Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Nurse Call & Code Blue
  • Generators & Transfer Switches
  • UPS
  • Door Bell
  • Central Inverter Systems
  • Pole Line
  • Fiber Optics
  • Voice Data Video
  • Ventilators
  • Electric Heat