Counting Light Fixtures

On a work sheet, list all of the light fixtures by their designation type, the number and type of lamps in the fixture, and how the fixture is to be mounted.


R = Recessed

S = Surface

W = Wall

P = Pendant

ST = Stem

RF = Recessed/Flanged

For estimating purposes, it is not necessary to describe each fixture by manufacturer, cata­log number, color or construction. Going into such detail is time consuming, and time is valuable to the estimator. Let the supply companies do what they are paid to do, which is to quote the light fixtures as per plans and specifications.

With your counter set at zero, begin counting the first fixture listed on you work sheet. If it is type A, then you will be counting As. As each type A is counted, completely color in the fixture with a yellow pencil. Do not check it off or half color it. Color the entire fixture. Count as fast as you possibly can. Do not go back and look for type As that you may have missed. When you have counted the As on the first drawing, write in the quantity on your worksheet for type A for that drawing number.


Set your counter back to zero and begin to count and color the type B fixtures on the same drawing. Count and color as fast as you can. When you think all of the type Bs have been counted, write in the total on your worksheet. Reset your counter and begin counting the next fixture type. Should you come across a type A or B that was missed, stop immediately, color in the fixture, and change the count on your worksheet. Do it now. Do not finish your count and then go back to look for that missed fixture. You might spend too much time looking for it, or you just might forget about it altogether.

Do not proceed to the next drawing until you have gone through the entire list of fixtures. If there were fixture types that did not appear on the drawing, indicate that there were none found by placing a dash mark on the worksheet under the drawing number.


By counting light fixtures in this manner, you are repeatedly going over the drawings. This automatically allows you to find any fixtures you may have missed on the first pass. You will also notice that any light fixtures that were not colored in will stand out quite visibly from those that have been colored.

Follow this same procedure for each drawing until all light fixtures have been counted. Don’t worry about missing any fixtures. The system will find them for you as you will soon begin to see.