The Take-Off


After the plans have been reviewed, specifications read, and the Scope of Work sheet prepared, you are now ready to begin the take-off. Each step you perform must be done quickly and without hesitation. Accuracy of the take-off is built into the estimating system. Follow these steps to complete the take-off:

Count light fixtures

Count switches and switch plates

Count receptacles, floor boxes, special receptacles, and phone outlets

Count special systems

Count disconnects, motor controllers and one-of-a-kind items

Write up panels and switchgear

Measure feeders

Measure branch circuits

Measure special systems raceways


Counting Light Fixtures

Counting Switches

Counting Receptacles, Floor Boxes, Special Outlets and Phone Outlets

Counting Special Systems

Counting Disconnects and Motor Controllers

Counting Miscellaneous Items

Panels, Switchboards and Motor Control Centers

Transformers and Capacitors

Specialty Items: Floor Duct, Cable Tray, Bus Duct

Measuring Feeders

Measuring Branch Circuits