Counting Disconnects and Motor Controllers

Disconnects and motor controllers along with their respective flexible conduit connections are to be written up on a worksheet. As these items are found on the drawings, color in the motor symbol and the controlling device symbol with a blue pencil. On the worksheet, mark the controlling symbol, the size and type of flexible connection to the motor, and the number and size of conductors to the motor.

On a work sheet, you will write:

If controlling devices are furnished by others but installed by the electrical contractor, then indicate as such by writing FBO (furnished by others) by the controlling device on the worksheet.

Although the same disconnect switch or motor controller may be used more than once on the drawings to control other motors or equipment, it is not necessary to duplicate the symbol and flex connection on the worksheet. For estimating purposes, you are only interested in knowing how many there are of each type and size, not in what the device is controlling. Therefore, use hash marks to keep count as you find and color the devices.