Counting Special Systems

Each special system should be treated as a separate entity. When counting special systems; set the counter to count the most predominant item of that system. For example, in a fire alarm system, the most predominant item may be the smoke detectors. As each detector is counted, color in the detector symbol with a red pencil. As you come across other fire alarm devices, mark the symbol on the bottom right of the drawing and keep count of that device by using hash marks.

When you have finished the drawing, mark the smoke detector symbol on the bottom right of the drawing and enter the count taken from the counter.

Follow this same procedure for each drawing until all fire alarm devices have been counted.

If there are other systems that remain to be counted, return to the beginning of the electri­cal drawings and follow the same procedure that was used to count the fire alarm system devices. Use a purple pencil to color all other special systems except for fire alarm, which requires a red pencil.

If the drawings contain riser diagrams for the special systems, take the item count from the plans for each system and compare it to the number of system devices shown on the riser diagram. If there is a discrepancy, use the higher count.